How To Make Home Carpet Shampooing More Effective

Home carpet shampooers may never do quite as thorough of a job as a professional carpet cleaner, but they can remove a great deal of dirt and grime from your carpet – as long as you use them the right way! Follow these tips to ensure your home carpet shampooing session is as effective as possible. Use the right brand of carpet shampoo. Most carpet shampooers tell you to only use their brand of shampoo.

Use A Pressure Washer To Clean Your Siding

Dirty siding can really bring the whole look of your house down. You can't replace your siding just because it gets dirty, but you don't want to be stuck with dirty siding either. You do have some choices. They include getting a pressure washer and washing off your siding yourself.  Pressure Washers The reason that a pressure washer is called such is because the inside of the wand is very narrow.

Remove Christmas Tree Sap From Your Carpet With These Easy Steps

One of the best things about the holiday season is getting to enjoy a real Christmas tree inside of your house. However, real Christmas trees sometimes leave behind sap. If you get sap on your carpet from your Christmas tree, try one of the easy removal methods explained below to clean up the sap.   Hand Sanitizer Or Rubbing Alcohol You can use either hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol to remove sap from your carpet.

Six Quick Tips For Avoiding Fall Allergies

Do your allergy symptoms become worse when fall hits? Chances are, your increase in symptoms is due to spending an increased amount of time indoors, where allergens like dust mites, mold spores, and pet dander abound. To keep your allergy symptoms under control as fall rolls in, follow these tips.   Vacuum daily. How often do you vacuum your home? Once a week? Whenever company is coming over? If you switch to vacuuming once per day, you'll capture a lot more allergens.

Why Small Businesses Need Cleaning Services

In some smaller offices or retail stores, management may try to save money by delegating cleaning services to the staff. That method may work in theory, but in reality, it can cause problems among the employees and leave the store in a less than tidy state. However, since nothing turns off customers more than an unclean store, hiring a cleaning service for your business is a financially sound choice. Staff Cleaning