Remove Christmas Tree Sap From Your Carpet With These Easy Steps

One of the best things about the holiday season is getting to enjoy a real Christmas tree inside of your house. However, real Christmas trees sometimes leave behind sap. If you get sap on your carpet from your Christmas tree, try one of the easy removal methods explained below to clean up the sap.  

Hand Sanitizer Or Rubbing Alcohol

You can use either hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol to remove sap from your carpet. Take a cloth and soak it in rubbing alcohol or get the cloth wet with a bunch of hand sanitizer. Then, use the cloth to gentle bolt at the sap on your carpet. As you bolt, the sap should come off and transfer to the cloth. Rotate the cloth to a clean section and continue to bolt until most of the sap has been removed.

Do not rub the sap in, that will just push the sap further into the fibers of your carpet and make it even more difficult to remove. 

After the vast majority of the sap has been blotted away, allow the area to dry. You should be able to pick out any tiny pieces that are clinging to the fibers in your carpet. 

Ice Cube

You can also use an ice cube on the sap. Place an ice cube directly on the soft sap and allow the ice cube to harden the sap. You may need to use more than one ice cube to harden up the sap.

Once the sap has hardened, you should be able to pick or cut it out of the fibers of your carpet. 

Dishwashing Soap

You can also use dishwashing soap to remove the sap. You'll want to apply a few drops of dishwashing soap directly to your carpet where the sap is located. Then, use a warm, slightly damp cloth to massage in the soap. Be gently and don't grind the sap into the carpet.

The soap should loosen up the sap and it should transfer onto the cloth that you are cleaning with. Once the sap is removed, you'll want to make sure that you remove any remaining soap by bolting it up with some dry towels. If you leave the soap behind, dirty could build up and accumulate in that area on your carpet.

If you get a little sap on your carpet from your Christmas tree this holiday season, you should be able to easily remove it on your own using one of the three methods described above.

For further assistance, contact local house cleaning services.