Quick DIY Carpet Cleaning Ideas That Can Be Done Over The Weekend

While heavily dirty carpet cannot be tackled without more work put into cleaning, you can make a drastic difference in the look and smell of your carpet in just a few days with the right steps. In order for your carpet to look like new without spending a lot of money on professional cleaning treatments, consider the following steps that can be done in just one weekend.

Deodorize Using a Mix of Baking Soda and Essential Oils

If odors are an issue in your carpeting, you do not need to worry about plugging in wall fragrances or using candles to get the carpets smelling fresh again. Taking baking soda and adding a few drops of essentials oil, of your choice in fragrance, and sprinkling it into the carpet can help go a long way towards freshening up the smell. After the baking soda has sat for ten minutes or longer, simply vacuum everything up.

Remove and Clean All of Your Rugs

Another area in your home that could be making the carpet smell worse than it is are any rugs. Door mats, area rugs, and carpet runners can all absorb bad odors as well, making it a good idea to remove them from your home to get rid of any dust and give everything a good cleaning.

Focus on Spot Treatments for Any Stains

One step that will make a big difference in how your carpeting looks is spot treatments. Walking through your home and finding any stains can help you know where to start. If you are limited in time, focus on cleaning stains in areas that receive a lot of traffic since you see them more often.

Consider Moving Your Furniture Around

The placement of your furniture can make a difference in how worn down your carpeting gets, making it a good idea to move the furniture around periodically. This can help ensure that the carpet is not damaged due to the heavy furniture and that any fading is not noticeable.

Clean Out Hidden Areas That Are Usually Missed

While you likely vacuum regularly throughout the week, there are likely some areas that are usually ignored, such as underneath the sofa or inside closets. In order for your entire home to be thoroughly cleaned, be sure to clean the carpet in areas that are often forgotten about.

As you prepare for a deep cleaning of your carpeting, it is important to recognize what can and cannot be done on your own. When some stains just will not come out or you are overwhelmed by the size of your home, consider hiring professional carpet cleaners instead.

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