3 Things To Do Before Professional Carpet Cleaners Arrive

If you have stains in your carpeting from spilled drinks, tracked-in mud or pet accidents, it is a good idea to get professional carpet cleaning (from local professionals such as Final Touch Carpet & Upholstery Care Inc.). The carpet cleaners will spot clean your worst stains and get the rest of the carpets clean and fresh. Here are some things you should do before they arrive. 

Move the Furniture

When you get professional carpet cleaning, you can choose to leave your furniture where it is and the carpet cleaners will go around it. However, the best cleaning job is done when rooms are emptied. This allows a more even clean and lets you clean underneath large furniture items. At the very least, you should move smaller furniture items, such as your dining room table and chairs, end tables, and easy chairs. If you can, try to move the larger furniture as well, such as your bed and sofas. Make sure this is done before they arrive as the cleaners won't want to wait around for you to get ready.

Vacuum Thoroughly

After you have moved the furniture out of the way, make sure all of the floors are vacuumed thoroughly. You might want to clean your baseboards before vacuuming since they often have dirt and dust gathered on them. Baseboards rarely get cleaned as much as the rest of your home, so now is a good time to do that. Get a wet rag and wipe them down. That will remove the dirt and debris. Once the baseboards are completely clean, vacuum all of the floors. Go over the floors several times, getting them cleaner than you normally would. The less debris the carpets have, the easier it will be when the carpet cleaners arrive. Make sure you vacuum once more shortly before they arrive, just in case pets or children tracked in more dirt. If you are also having your rugs cleaned, lift them to clean underneath, but also vacuum the rugs themselves.

Locate the Stains

The last thing you need to do before the carpet cleaning company arrives is to inspect the carpets thoroughly and locate any big stains you would want to be removed. While the carpet cleaners will do their best to remove all stains, they can pay special attention to any spots you are concerned about. They will use their best carpet shampoo on these areas and really do their best to get the stains removed. It helps to know where the stains are and to point them out to the cleaners when they arrive.