3 Helpful Not-Baby-Related Baby Shower Gifts That Are Sure To Be Appreciated

If you're going to be attending a baby shower sometime soon, you are probably searching for the perfect gift. If nothing on the registry seems interested to you, you might want to consider one of these unique ideas. They aren't even baby-related, but they are sure to be greatly appreciated at this exciting time of your loved one's life.

1. Gift Certificate for Maid Services

The new mom-to-be probably wants to ensure that her home is perfect for the little one, but she might not feel like doing much cleaning when she is so far along in her pregnancy. Plus, once the baby arrives, she might not have much time for cleaning at all. If you contact a cleaning service and hire a maid or purchase gift certificates, your loved one can have the house cleaned professionally so that she can think about other things -- like preparing for and enjoying her new baby.

2. Gift Cards for Healthy Take-Out Restaurants

Your loved one is going to need plenty of energy in the coming weeks and months, but unfortunately, she might not feel like doing much cooking, and others in the house might not, either. This is where gift cards from healthy take-out restaurants can come in handy. For bonus points, purchase gift cards for restaurants that deliver; then, it'll be a lot easier for your loved one and her family to secure a hot, delicious and healthy meal while still taking care of the baby.

3. Frozen Homemade Dinners

If you like the idea of ensuring that your loved one has easy meals to eat, you may want to think about making them yourself instead of purchasing gift cards. Make foods that freeze well and reheat easily, such as disposable pans filled with lasagna or casseroles. Stews, soups and chili also do very well when bagged up in plastic zip-top bags and nicely stacked in the freezer. These gifts might not be the prettiest at the baby shower, but they are sure to be much-appreciated in the coming days and weeks. Just make sure that you find out about any potential allergies or food preferences before preparing these meals.

Not all baby shower gifts have to be baby-related. If you want to do something different and be particularly helpful for your loved one, consider one of these three thoughtful gifts. They are sure to be much appreciated, and you'll feel good in knowing that you gave a unique gift.